5000 CALORIE CHALLENGE (Burgers! Fried Chicken! Burritos! ) 자막 字幕 ਉਪਸਿਰਲੇਖ | Nomnomsammieboy

good morning Sammy fam I just woke up 20
30 minutes ago got my coffee going and saw Sammmiegirl out the door to work
now I gotta get started working on my five thousand calorie video me so what
are you doing my teas at the right everywhere me so I’m going to try to eat
5,000 calories today to celebrate 50,000 subscribers thank you everybody that’s
awesome I really appreciate it right now I’m just waiting for the rain
to die down a little bit let’s take you outside the window makes a terrible noise and
then I am going to go get a little bit of a walking and grab what I have found
through my perusal of the Internet is the most caloric fast-food breakfast I
can find which is Burger King check this out
egg normous burrito 930 calories double sausage breakfast sourdough king that is
a long name senator nutty I’m gonna have both of those for breakfast
and get a good head start on meeting my goal for the day
we’ll see how it goes from there me so just settle down buddy of course first
so we got to add in what is a cup of coffee although that up after all right
guys let’s start the challenge off right I went to Burger King
after taking like move ourselves this double double croissan’wich it’s got to have
ease here on here you got the egg and got cheese on top
can’t really see it that’s why start together to me so this is not for you
this is not for you and that is seven hundred and ninety calories which is
insane how do they fit that in here and then we got these giant breakfast
burrito here but I think has like the same basic ingredients sausage cheese
egg in it is nine hundred and thirty calories so what is that seventeen
hundred and twenty calories alone for breakfast just right here this season it
doesn’t fit in my stomach easy I’m not worried about that
I’m not worried about how it’s gonna make me feel all in one go but I guess
like this is more than most males daily recommended intake you know
for someone with a sedentary job. I already know
that I’m gonna want one thing on here to make this actually more palatable oh wow
let’s take a look inside you we got cheese we got hash browns in here we got
the Valentina Valentina hot sauce okay I haven’t had Burger King breakfast and for five years since when I like walked
across America I walked from Brooklyn here to st. Louis alone and when I saw
Burger King for breakfast I loved it cuz I
didn’t know when I would see a restaurant so I get like three or four
sandwiches I usually got the bacon egg and cheese so that’s my favorite almost
go ahead and try this one see how their sausages I mean never had their sausage
before that’s actually a pretty decent flavored
sausage like I’m sure it’s probably just from you know Jimmy Dean or whatever but
it’s good let’s put a little of this Louisiana Hot Sauce on here this is a
crystal hot sauce one of my favorites no I feel poppin now I need a little good
go juice to help me through this so we got the Red Bull unfortunately this is
what I already have in my fridge sugar free so it’s got only 10 calories in it
so I’m not helping towards the challenge and it’s taking up space in my stomach
but I know I’m gonna probably go to the bathroom a lot today huh drink a lot of
water to keep up with all this sodium so it’ll be okay and I need the caffeine because after this I got I’m gonna take
a break and then go walk some more to try to earn some calories to offset some
of this and get some lunch which I haven’t decided on yet but it’s got to
be calorie dense one more bite of this let’s try this burrito there’s something
about me that loves like a bad fake croissant
you know like gum the response you get just wrapped up in plastic you know
there’s no flaky layers to them or anything there’s like a puffy kind of
sweet kind of savory kind of salty pastry um you know not like the really I
love a real Christian of course real apostle is amazing but this is this is
not qualifying of that name you could just call it a croissant or if you want
to get real American with it call it a crescent and got the Crescent
sandwich we’ve got the burrito so let’s get into this burrito but I like the
cheaper song you know it serves this place I go by those prepackaged
croissants and I make a bacon egg and cheese at home sometimes with them
delicious especially if you fry them in bacon fat you so funny to me to think that a
burger came they oughta list tortillas back there in the kitchen chillin all
day and they usually are never doing anything I don’t know how many people
order breakfast burritos at Burger King when I was in Burger King getting my
order it was not very busy and I felt kind of bad for him one guy came in
after I ordered he went up to the counter he looked up at the menu he said
oh you’re only doing breakfast right now I’m late he nodded at him turned around
and walked right out I guess he wanted a burger chicken sandwich or something actually I mean the Valentina helps a
lot Valentina hot sauce is delicious well fluffy egg cheesy I know those are
varying quality level tortilla but really with tortillas as long as it’s
not bottom of the barrel it’s fine for me at least you know I’m not
terribly discerning about it so I like it and oddly I don’t feel dead overly
full yet even though we’re like halfway through each that makes us that like 800
calories in the past five minutes I think I couldn’t eat this 5000 I didn’t
do it I’m thinking about like Taco Bell
McDonald’s KFC Popeyes maybe for lunch gotta stick with the places that are
required by law to list their calorie estimate mmm my favorite maybe there’s
how much idea is a stronger idea but I know that I prefer the bacon egg and
cheese went to the sausage one this is something about like cheap bacon that I
like better than cheap sausage but this is basically the exact same ingredients
but with hashbrowns there tater tots inside a tortilla
oh it others also bacon in here too okay mmm from my billion to the burrito on
this one I’m feeling way more confident now I’m
like getting into it it’s not as hard as I thought and I haven’t had fast food
breakfast in so long it was a very fun excuse to do it I’m okay left or TL
stuck in my teeth ouch why do you all out and swallow it
though can’t miss those calories well I’m sure I’ll probably end up going it
over today could be hard to hit by thousand exactly I gotta go
let this settle maybe lay down first right my phone ringing spam call from
Washington DC got to put that on silent I hate robo calls but I had to lay down let this old settle for a second see if
a bathroom break becomes necessary don’t leave the house again after I have
playing the next meal get some more exercise but if I can’t stop burping get
some more food and see you guys again BRB whoo so I immediately had to go to
the bathroom after filming that breakfast guys but while I was in the
bathroom I did some googling and I figured out what I’m going to do for
lunch to maximize my calories and that is go to McDonald’s because I can get
the double bacon smokehouse burger which is 1,100 something calories and I can
get the double quarter-pounder with cheese to mix it up
that’s like 780 or something calories and if I get fries with that I think I
will get over 2,000 calories and I’m trying to get up to you know 4,000
calories between the first two meals to make the last meal of the day
a little bit easier because that’s what I’m gonna be tired that’s what I’m gonna
want to do it the least it’s gonna be the hardest to finish so I gotta get
myself ready to go recharge my phone and I’m gonna go walk a little bridge loop
get another seven or eight miles in for a total 13 miles before this second meal
walk across the Williamsburg Bridge and then walk back home across the Manhattan
Bridge and stop by McDonald’s on the way wish me luck guys I am going to do my
best a semi fan we are back for another round
no me so this is not for you just got back from taking a walk and I did
thirteen point eight five miles so far today so pretty good we burned what
almost 3,000 calories we’re about to eat another I think 2200 more let me show
you what I’ve got so we got the double bacon quarter pounder yeah dang it
Beauty me so please please boy we got the smokehouse bacon quarter pounder
just got some onions and stuff on there Oh
so this is like 800 something calories this is 1100 something calories that’s
1,900 something calories plus medium fry which is 240 calories or around 2,200
calories right here plus our last meal so we’re coming in around 4000 calories
total it’s great we’re in a good place only 8,000 calories left after this Oh what to do first love me an undercooked a song cry it’s very pale I don’t know
that’s McDonald’s by me maybe control is busy there like fry times or we will
sort or something or maybe it’s just all my Donald’s and that’s just stealing my
down so I go to because I only go to it for work for the show because no offense
guys I don’t I don’t you know myself for pleasure usually although these are new
thicker quarter pounders they are surely decent burgers so if I’m gonna have to
eat a fast-food burger that’s not like a Shake Shack burger this is what I would
probably go for or the Burger King whoppers pretty good but in general I
would avoid that all let’s see here what’s getting the smokehouse when I
haven’t had this one yet I’ve had this but without the bacon they’re like sweet
smoky sauce on it’s pretty good and I’m date on the 50s yeah I mean this
is a burr cost a little bit more than your normal McDonald’s burger but it’s
well worth it to have a burger that actually tastes good you know
sorry old song McDonald first I was like dim Patty’s they’re terrible I hate him
can’t stand it didn’t everyone put it in my mouth this one is substantially hotter than
this one but understand they probably make more of these so it might have been
ready to go and this one they had to make custom or say this was like seven
eight dollars there’s really a dollar sis was seven dollars I think it’s the
cheaper one probably sell tomorrow but I know they’re going for late days
younger audience it’s more concerned with flavor than just price and getting
food in their stomach in which case this is a good balance between price and
flavor could use more flavor of the sauce on this really makes it and I
didn’t but this is a good to classic burger mmm I just got to the pickle on
here that really really helps a lot the tang mmm but I got to it when I already
more than halfway through the burger so I mean I could get out my own pickles
and just and load it up with pickles or I could’ve asked and they order it with
extra pickles on it then you know I just didn’t know to do that the bites with pickles on it are really
good because you get that classic flavor combo take whole mustard ketchup
American cheese melt eNOS their beef which is a little bit flavorless but all
the other flavors help it come together and there’s something there that reminds
me of like childhood simplicity and happiness yeah when I was a kid I didn’t
wasn’t allowed to eat at McDonald’s but if I got to home rare occasion was
special and that reminds me of it getting special it didn’t matter if it
was good or not you know but let’s go back to the good one feel
like a little greasy boy all that nice sauce on the bottom caramelized onion
yeah just the right amount of sweet and of course the fried bits on top are very
nice touch no they don’t do a great job of them
it’s a good idea I think it’s um simplifies things
I think it’s Shake Shack that does for takeoff they have their own smoked ass burger
which I think this is a ripoff of that has like fried shallots on top and
that’s delicious they used to have a series of hot dogs at Shake Shack which
they don’t really do anymore yes we’re big sellers but you could get like fried
shallots and cheese on top of it oh I wish to get out when I worked in the
World Trade Center for what five years I walk across the street or across her
outside highway and it’ll go into the the Shake Shack that is in the World
Financial Center and I would get these are like double Shack burgers or I would
get like two or three hot dogs with different toppings on them
I mean the fried shallots was the best but I gained a lot of weight doing that
day after day and one time I walked in and the person behind the counter
recognized me didn’t knew what I wanted to have before I got up there and that’s
why I stopped going could I go I had a problem it’s a little bit of a struggle
bus to eat over 2,000 calories at once right now especially after eating around
2,000 calories for breakfast but then we have burned all that 1000 calories of
that so we’re doing okay they ever see how much time I have left before Sam
you’re home about hour and 40 minutes see how much more walking I want to do
and this I boil on it the last part of the thousand calories from I’m kind of
thinking it might be time to pull out some fried
chicken I’m also worried that might kill me
but in terms of volume I know I wouldn’t have to eat a whole bunch to get to a
thousand calories so I’m I gotta look it up online but I’m gonna go look at him
not KFC his hamster did this point in the day like KFC just sounds too nasty
to me it’s too oily isn’t I’m gonna flavor but like kind of think of the
name Louisiana kitchen Popeyes Popeyes sounds real good but there’s a chicken
tenders meal that would fit my calorie range the plus I have only had these
spicy chicken tenders and I want to try the blackened cousin the spicy ones I
was still had in hot sauce I’m gonna eat it all there’s a lot of
sodium half the water oh yeah I’m gonna sit down for 10 minutes
check out my food options go walk again get more food come back film again and
then I think we’ll made the challenge but I go do this path in this
investigation oh I don’t feel as bad as I thought it would you know I don’t feel
too bad it’s just like settling it’s settling right now thanks for watching
guys stick with me we’re gonna make it hey guys just a quick reminder about the
importance of oral hygiene in between all of these filaments today have your
mail here I am brushing my teeth and using mouthwash I’m gonna floss after
the last one as well always important to keep that mouth clean see you guys in a second with even more
food we got the Popeyes guys so I did the math and I need about or I think
exactly 1010 calories left hit 500 based on the
estimates from the different places I got food from today so I got Popeyes I
was originally going just to get excuse me sir
originally just going to get a five-piece spicy wing I couldn’t get the
black and wing so I found out those aren’t breaded so they have like way
less calories the five piece spicy wing is like 770 calories and it comes with
fries and that would be another like 270 calories buddy no this is not for you
you tell me being a little tired and being a food athlete is hard let’s savor
having a sale today so they gave me two sides so I got Cajun rice as well which
is another sunken calories got myself a whole bunch of ranch blackened ranch
sauce which has additional calories in it a lot of they gave me tons of packets
of ketchup too don’t really need buddy no this is none of this is for you
I’m sorry he’s very upset and of course we got to biscuits which
are another like a couple hundred calories each and all our chickens and
Jesus this is way over shooting the higher we go and exercise so if I just
eat the chicken and fries we’re gonna hit it but I’ll mix it up some and all
these nuts that we passed it oh my god no no way I need some hot sauce dad
could eat that’s getting no fries for you
no fries for you I’m trying to open this hot sauce I’m trying to open this hot
sauce and you’re making it very difficult please it’s crystal on here it
comes out so slow in the bottle is full there’s no room for air to get in you
know they’re not they gave me a spork so how do you my energy level that help
someone’s rice mm-hmm the rice is good have some the Blackwood ranch on our chicken here is so good so crispy
I gotta go fast to track my body before I get too full let me show you what my
hat is the one hello guys hello me so I won’t tease you with it no I’ll say I
wasn’t now if you do with it no this is for you I know it sucks notice for me this is for me but I’m
sorry you’ll have your own dinner later No I have a feeling tomorrow I’m just gonna
be recovering from the sodium sickness this is all giving me and I’m just gonna
drink water try to exercise and maybe eat a plate full of spinach with no salt almost done with this caterer icing
there’s a couple hundred calories right there I actually gave me rice and beans
and said though yeah this is rice and beans they messed up okay and the rest
of meetings good it actually has more calories in the Cajun rice there you go back to the chicken grind I feel guilty
like I love this chicken but I do in over 5,000 cavalry day it’s not really a
treat anymore it’s a chore it’s still delicious has nothing to want bass food
for a while oh then it is but so crispy I’m gonna go
back on a day when I’m not forcing myself to eat a crazy amount of calories
you can get the blackened ones because aren’t pretty they’re just covered in
their blackened seasoning so I want to try that have nice like low calorie but
hopefully very tasty meal identified piece chicken tender of the black ones
is only like 200 something calories it’s crazy low one pack irrational and with it probably
10 years my life I don’t know if I’m I hit these biscuits like just the dryness
right now is not appealing to me cuz I can’t drink enough water to like get
them down you know I don’t have a lot of room inside me right now getting sleepy that’s just Jesus come
and take me away or Satan probably Satan must be real there’s a lot to answer for this piece is especially moist so it’s
like that but it’s the thickest one that makes sense I mean they’re all good I’m this down with the chicken let’s
simply finish the rice some real sauce things I think we probably already hit
5,000 but I’ll need more fries just in case just a few more bites of rice okay I think we are falling over 5,000
calories now so thanks for joining me guys I will see you next time

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