4 thoughts on “500 Volunteers Help Serve Thanksgiving Meals At Glide Memorial Church”

  1. I think it would be a good idea to use those volunteers who know and understand lifestyles of those who would be in need of some type of yellow gown !!! Someone donate yellow blankets or something because the those areas have individuals who should be in isolation due to the SARS sores "cellulitis"
    And germs known to carry deteriorating flesh desilving diseases like MRSA staff infection PLAUGE dirty metal needles and human feces all on the side walk . And if those residents start to live in fear for what's going on outside their homes. OMG. FEAR GOD ONLY.. Frisco lets clean it up find Jesus..


  2. Bullshit. Folks That volunteers at homeless shelters are people that love to see homeless people in that condition. It confirms their oppression towards them!

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