5 Seconds of Summer – Teeth (Official Video)

[Music] some days you’re the only thing I know only thing that’s burning when the night’s grow cold can’t look away can’t look away beg you to stay back you to stare sometimes you’re a stranger in my bed don’t know if you love me know you won’t be dead push me away push me away the beg me to stay beg me to stay – love so dunk so pretty but job put your hands so dirty love so sweet top so pretty pooja jo-ann’s [Music] from these you’re the best thing in my life sometimes when I look at you I see my wife and me down into somebody I don’t know and you push me away push me away 30 pictures of doc so pretty don’t put your hands [Music] ducks are ready put your hands Rosa my fight so dirty but you love so sweet pretty picture [Applause] [Music] toxo pretty picture [Music] [Music] [Music] you

100 thoughts on “5 Seconds of Summer – Teeth (Official Video)”

  1. The potential Stranger in my bed is so much nicer sounding then then being a mere delusion in my head an not even here!!!😘

  2. I guess Ashton didn't get the memo that they had to wear all white cause hes the only one wearing black boots🤣💀

  3. I'm seriously positively surprised. I saw 5sos released a new song but was like "Meh, i preferred their old songs." Then I heard it on a Spotify Playlist and wAs like "Damn that's an amazing song?! Who's that?!?!" And then the next second I-

  4. You guys are much better than one direction and I'm really surprised that you're not blowing up (exponentially) which I'm selfishly glad about because I feel like all the peeps I originally liked have put quantity over quality recently which is not the case for you guys yet. Each song is genuinely amazing and the amount of effort put into the intricacies of the music produced as well the attention to detail of the vocals during lives I find incredible and genuine. I'm glad to come from the same country.

  5. ワンオクのライブ会場で流れてて気になって調べてもう1回聞いてみたらめっちゃかっこよかった😳

  6. Okey i will be honest the only Reason im here is beacuse this MV got played before the Little Mix Concer but the Song is freaking Amazing im amazed.

  7. Remember that this is the same band that released look so perfect? Me neither.

    But seriously I do love their new songs

  8. Another garbage band that sucks!! Literally as gay and talentless as one direction!! Ohhhh wait they toured with them soooo that makes sense. Birds of a feather flock together. With any luck they will be gone bye 2019's end!! I'm so sorry you morons like shitty music I'll pray for you and your lack of music taste!! 🙏🙏

  9. Man this song is everything. Love the beats and the lyrics. Loved it first time it dropped!!!! Hope to see this live!

  10. Yesterday I had this song stuck in my head and I said to my friend I have Teeth stuck in my head and she said well duh. Everyone does. They are bones in your body and I just walked out the door and left her house. Two hours later she called me and said oh, you mean the song

  11. That ladder is big but do u know what else is big? 😏


  12. on tv i had this so i saved this song. Then i went back to the start ow on YT i play it back for like 100000000 years XD

  13. When Ghost of you was out, I thought that was the best. When Easier was out, I thought that was the best. So when Teeth is out, I think that it's the best ❤️😍

  14. My reaction to this song….don't watch this video alone if you scare easily….daaam…listen i don't watch scary movies because i scare easily…right now my heart rate is like off the charts….omg..wasn't expecting that…first time seeing these guys..kept hearing the song and decided to see the face behind it…lead singer is cute…but dammm i'm scared.. …lol

  15. I love this song so forking much. I am not very familiar with the band (though I will be now) but the lead singer reminds me so much of Adam Lambert and I love it. That passion. That talent.

  16. was just chilling on Spotify and then found 5sos and clicked this

    don’t regret it. 5sos is very good honestly

  17. omg😭😭💓💓💓💓
    Good!a very good;∀;
    i love you😘

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