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Whether it’s a simple styrofoam circle
with just the sprig of holly, or a large ornate brass stand with
tall strapping candles, like this gentleman right here, congregations today are marking the four
Sundays of Advent with the lighting of candles. But just what
does it all mean? Well I’m gonna tell you if you let me. as we take a look at the Advent Wreath on this episode of Chuck Knows Church. [Opening title music] the season of Advent The season of Advent always includes the four Sundays before Christmas. It’s a time of waiting, as we prepare our hearts and lives for the
coming of the Christ Child. And using the Advent wreath is a way that many are celebrating Advent at church and and in the home. Now they’re usually for
purple or blue candles on a circular wreath showing the four
weeks of Advent. With a white candle right at the center,
called the Christ candle. Now often families or members of the
congregation help mark the four Sundays by lighting the candles. You know I
remember my parents always let my older brother help light the candles, but never got a chance, It might of had
something to do with “The Towering Inferno” being my favorite movie Anyway on the first Sunday we light the first purple candle, which signifies HOPE, because Advent is a time of waiting and hoping. On the second Sunday the
first candle is relit followed by a second purple candle, the candle of love. On the third Sunday of Advent, after the first two purple candles are lit, the
third candle, is sometimes pink, instead, to signify joy. And on the four Sunday we light the
candle of peace. Now, each Sunday there can be scripture or words spoken, reflecting each of the Advent messages. Hope. Love Joy. Peace. Then, on Christmas Day, after the lighting
the four candles, the candle in the center is finally
lit, celebrating that the wait is over and the Christ child is born. And, you know what? Sometimes
just lighting the candles without any words, is more than enough. That’s the advent wreath. If you want to
hear more about it, ask a pastor. And Tell them Chuck sent you.

13 thoughts on “5 | Advent Wreath — Chuck Knows Church”

  1. Is it not typical for the Christ candle to be taller than the other candles? It doesn't appear to be here. Just curious.

  2. Same reason pink was a girl's color once upon a time. It's for Mary, on the occasion of the announcement of her unplanned pregnancy. I'm sure joy wasn't the only emotion going on in her that day.

  3. Not sure about that. But I think you are absolutely correct. Christ should stand taller than the four preceding Sundays.

  4. Unfortunately, no one bothered to write down the date. It is now believed that Jesus was born in the fall of 4 or 5 B.C. (ironic right?). We happen to observe Christmas on December 25th.

  5. Thanks for the Advent offering — the reason I heard (years ago) for the pink candle was that the reading that day referred to the Rose of Sharon, but that particular translation was unique to the King Jim version of the Bible. However, the pink candle represented the pink color of the rose. But that could be as apocryphal as assigning the terms love, hope, joy, and peace to each candle — that seems to have had it's origins in the companies that produce worship bulletins and advent readings (and they don't all on the sequence of the words) 🙂   

  6. Hi, when I grew up  the candles were all purple, plus the white Christ candle. Plus the names were Prophecy, Bethlehem, Shepherds, and the Angel's I guess I like the traditional names better.

  7. Hi. I used this version last year. This year, I'm wondering about updating it for NEXT year? Please!! The contemporary color for Advent is BLUE…purple is so not today, Chuck! Blue is the color of HOPE. Save purple for Lent. Maybe next year you can say 'Blue' or in the past they were purple? You even talk about the first candle being HOPE. And calling the Advent wreathe 'gentleman', Chuck, could really be reworded! Ok, just saying….Appreciate what Chuck Knows Church is doing with United Methodism and being the church. Thanks for reading my response. Peace and grace, Catherine

  8. UMC BOW mention 4 purple candles in its advent wreath no mention of pink, and some put on one candle green to add in the confusion.

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