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The New Testament tells us that Jesus
was baptized by John the Baptist in the Jordan River and since then
baptism has been interpreted in many different ways throughout history. Now, baptism is one of two sacraments in
the United Methodist Church, the other being communion; the bread and the…? …right! Cup! Good. Also known as the…? Right. Eucharistic. I can tell you guys have been
listening during the previous episodes, good job! You’re growing up to be fine young “Chucksters.” And since we’ve already talked about the first sacrament it is now time to take a closer look at the second sacrament. Wait already did the magnifying bit, with the IHS episode. Seriously? Just
like, we only got a budget for a magnifying glasses and nothing else? You know what? Let’s put that away, shall we? I don’t think we… Hey everybody! Let’s talk about baptism on this episode of Chuck Knows Church. [Intro music begins] Baptism: some Christian say it’s about salvation, about being saved or that it’s a form of baptismal regeneration. Now, in the United
Methodist Church baptism is a means of new birth in
Jesus Christ and a mark of Christian discipleship. Now
when you’re baptized you take vows that involve a renunciation of evil powers, a rejection in pledge
to resist evil actions and repentance from sin. You fully surrender to the saving power Jesus Christ, promising to live as Christ representative in the world along with other Christians everywhere. However, most people are baptized when
they’re infants or very small children and are not able to declare these sacred vows, so unless you’re taking these vows of the
baptismal covenant yourself you are not brought into the fellowship
of the believers but rather of the baptized; the body of
Christ. Now in some religious traditions when
an infant is baptized parents speak for the child through baptismal vows. For United Methodist the parents or
other sponsors reaffirm their own baptismal vows. They do not speak for the child instead they speak to their own commitment to faithfully live out
the baptismal covenant. They promise along with the entire congregation to provide spiritual guidance as the
child grows. To ensure the child will be nurtured in a way that
makes it possible for that child to one day openly profess their own
baptismal vows of faith before the congregation. Now water provides the central
symbolism for baptism the cleansing from sin, death to old
life, and rising to begin new life in Christ Now how the water gets used in the ceremony
may be in many, many different ways. There’s total immersion or dipping the body entirely under the water or there’s a fusion which is the pouring water over the head
in a stream. Or common in many churches is aspersion, which is the sprinkling of water. Now always a generous use of water is encouraged. However one receives a water of baptism… …it is dying to sin. Newness of life, union with Christ, receiving the Holy Spirit and incorporation into Christ Church. In short,
a mark of Christian discipleship. To learn more ask your pastor. Tell them Chuck sent you. That was definitely not baptism by the way, folks. That was just a.. mean prank… Been better off with the magnifying glass. Love you guys too, right?…

10 thoughts on “47 | Baptism — Chuck Knows Church”

  1. I was trying to explain Infant Baptism in Disciple Bible Study this week to a Catholic. This is better, so I'll send this to her. Many thanks, "Chuck"!

  2. Chuck,
    Great series, very informative, You have a great way of communicating your message. I may very well use some of your video clips to teach with. Thank you for taking the time to produce them.
    However I must say that I don’t agree with you on some subjects (such as Baptism) because you are describing the Methodist perspective on the subject rather than a Orthodox Biblical perspective. Chuck knows Methodism, and masterfully communicates that point, but does chuck know the Biblical Church. Remember our standard of truth is not The Discipline. Our standard is the Scriptures of the Bible. It stands supreme over, and judges our traditions, our experiences, our faulty reason and even what our pastors may teach us. 

  3. Minister creek, obviously you didn't really listen to this segment.  The infant baptism in the UMC is very much like the "baby dedication" in the Baptist faith.  The pastor, family, and the church congregation reaffirm their faith and vow to raise the child in the way of the church.  The infant will grow and when he or she reaches the age of reasoning will have to accept Christ into their hearts. 

  4. The only baptism in the New Testament was total immersion. At no time were people sprinkled or poured. God bless you all.

  5. when i was raised baptist there was no vows to God or Jesus you got voted in by the church congragation and you got full water emersion but you coul d not get water baptised as a baby

  6. Grace And Peace. And, we Also have Plenty Of Questions about the "Confusion Of WATER" in Christendom. IF anyone is "ready for them"?

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