43 | Confirmation (part 1) — Chuck Knows Church

[phone ringing] [Female voice] Thank you for holding–
[Chuck] Ooo, finally! A real human, I’ve been on hold forever trying.. [Female voice] Thank you for calling, please hold
[Chuck] yes I will hold Hey, sorry, stuck on hold I know, just hang up right, well I’m trying to
confirm a reservation it’s one of those automated response thingy
[automated voice] if you’d like to leave a call back number press 2. Press 2… English [automated voice] please hold
[Chuck] and I’m on hold again.. [behind camera] hang up! hang up!
[Chuck] no I can’t can hang up now because if they do have to start all
over [deep not so whisper voice] and they win!..
anyway.. Confirmation what does that have to do
with the church? Well that’s why we’re talking about it
on this episode of Chuck Knows… [automated voice] thank you for calling, good bye… [Uhhhh]
[queue the cool intro music] Please press 2 again! Oh sorry, um yes! confirmation, umm, nothing to do with
this phone call I’m on. hold that will ya? in the church confirmation
refers to the intentional commitment that a person makes to respond to God’s
grace to publicly reaffirm their baptismal
vows before the congregation now it’s usually done during a worship service,
don’t hang that up. [talking about his phone, let’s focus Chuck] the person being confirmed is called a
confirmand most often a youth between the ages of
11 and 14 who has been raised and nurtured in the
church since their baptism as an infant or young child.
Now most churches offer organized confirmation classes where the
confirmands learn about the meaning of Christian faith you see when an infant is baptized they
can’t really make a personal profession of faith. Unless it is one
really remarkable infant. [Chuck being remarkable infant orator] I profess my faith and also that I am in
great need of a diaper change. That’s a little creepy but it would be very
effective. Uh, instead the infant must be nurtured and matured because the United
Methodist believe conscious faith and intentional commitment are necessary.
Individuals may have been baptized as infants but then later they also claim as their
own the faith that the church proclaimed on
their behalf. Now this is done deliberately through these confirmation
classes. Now the focus is on an understanding of Christian doctrines a spiritual disciplines and what a life of discipleship actually means. Now
the hope is to lead the confirmands to personally head the calling of God, to
profess Jesus Christ as Savior and to embrace
the Christian faith on their own. Now it should be remembered
confirmation is not an entrance into church membership. This was
already done through baptism instead it’s the person’s first public
affirmation that the faith of the church is also
their own faith in other words the confirmand is
taking responsibility for living as a member of the body of
Christ and for fulfilling God’s purpose.
To learn more you can ask your pastor,
tell them Chuck sent ya [off camera] Hey Chuck, it’s a real person
[Chuck] oooooo [automated voice] thank you for holding [Chuck] yes I wanted to confirm my reservation for [automated voice] goodbye

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  1. Sorry to ask but they have to dress like the Roman religion???
    I love pastors that are so humble and simple that you have to ask whoโ€™s the pastor.
    Dressing like us

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