38% of Americans Believe Japan Disaster Sign from God. What About 9/11?

38%… to move on, 38% of Americans believe
that the Japan disaster is a sign from God, which is pretty incredible, Louis. I don’t
even know what to make of that. 38% believe Japan disaster a sign from God. Fox News was
all over it. They were eating it up. Here’s that report. [David’s voice echoes] And I don’t know where…
where’s… I’m hearing myself, Louis, on… Louis: Yeah, your own stream is playing on
your computer. David: That’s bizarre. Louis: See? Yeah. David: That’s really bizarre. That’s… I
don’t want that. I don’t want the show playing on repeat, I want the Fox News thing. Here
it is. Martha MacCallum: Brand new poll taken just
days after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in Japan, and it finds that nearly
40% of those surveyed believe that the disasters that we have been seeing are a sign from God.
Lauren Green is live on this in our New York City newsroom. David: Wow. MacCallum: Interesting polling here. What
did you find out? David: Fascinating. Lauren Green: Yeah, very interesting, Martha.
Well, the poll released by the Public Religion Research Institute found that when it comes
to natural disasters like the earthquake in Japan and the devastating tsunami, nearly
four in 10 Americans believe it is a sign from God. Remember last week the governor
of Tokyo apologized for saying the earthquake and tsunami were divine retribution. David: Right. Green: But it turns out some Americans actually
agree with him, 38%… David: OK, so Fox News seems fascinated by
this poll, no question about that. So this is by the Public Religion Research Institute,
that’s who organized the poll. So God punishes nations, God makes decisions, based on imaginary,
invisible divisions of land created in the last couple of hundred years on a planet as
old as the Earth. What is wrong with people, Louis? What… how could… Louis: I’ve been trying to figure that out
for a long time. David: Look at what religion is doing from
the point of view of these 38%. It takes a natural disaster, which is a tragedy, for
hundreds of thousands of innocent people, it is essentially condemning the victims as
criminals. They’re somehow being punished for something they must have done wrong. And
it does it all under claiming the benevolence and love for mankind by God. Louis: Right. David: What on Earth is going on? Louis: And that’s called using religion as
a stick to beat people with. David: It’s more than that. 38% say it was
a sign from God. So therefore, under that logic, was 9/11 a sign from God also? Is 9/11
punishing Americans? Louis: No, no, that was terrorists. David: Well, but the… Louis: Of course, the people of the Westboro
Baptist Church would tell you… David: Exactly! That it was. Louis: Right. David: But we call them crazy. Westboro’s
crazy when they say it’s– 9/11 was a punishment from God, but 38% of Americans believe the
Japan disaster, that’s a sign from God. And again, God is very concerned with the political
divisions, the country borders that have been established over the last few hundred years.
That’s how he decides who to punish, not based on anything else, just which of those countries,
which of those imaginary lines do you happen to live in? Incredible. Doesn’t bode well.
It can’t possibly bode well for anybody. [Laughs] Louis: But you could ask a dozen different
people who think that it was divine retribution and they’d all give you a different answer
for… David: For what. Louis: … why the Japanese deserved it. David: Exactly. What was it exactly that they
were being punished for. Louis: Right. Transcript provided by Alex Wickersham and
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34 thoughts on “38% of Americans Believe Japan Disaster Sign from God. What About 9/11?”

  1. @fjackson90 Yeah ofc, I know how religion works, but that still doesn't make it okay, it is still a big deal, and if a religious person makes a offensive statement like that, they need to be told how fucking ridiclous and offensive it is. You can't just let it slide because they were brainraped by a bible when they were kids, its not japans fault that his or hers parents were fucked-up religious freaks.

    So yeah, i know why they think there is a sign in everything, but it's still not okay.

  2. David, you seem to have forgotten that 9/11 was a sign from god according to Falwell and Robertson and I'm sure a large number of their sheeple.

  3. As a Christian- I think that you probably aren't really understanding what that number means (or what those voting it as a "sign from God" mean). I wouldn't vote like that, however, I believe that 38% (or the vast majority of them) meant that they saw the natural disaster as a "sign of the times" (as to say that the end times are drawing closer). I do not think that 38% thinks Japan somehow did something to deserve punishment. I would also question how accurate a poll like that would be haha.

  4. Don't know what to make of it? It means 38% of Americans are nuts. These are the same people who think Palin would make a good president.

  5. what about 9/11? That was a sign from the muslims. That's what id assume they'd say. God didnt crash the plane. Muslims didnt rub the tectonic plates.

    Now, the ideology above is absurd. To think that god sends signs is ridiculous. To think 9/11 was just all muslims is also absurd. But the two are different scales of event. If the sun explodes, does that mean that nukes are just as bound to explode on their own? There's no direct correlation between 9/11 and the earthquakes.

  6. I'm an American, and no one asked me. I would have been part of the 62% that declared Batman was responsible.

  7. Mike Moore quoted a survey that said tha 22% believe that Sweden should be bombed if sanctions did not work. The fact is that Americans can easily be fooled and lack education. However I see a change in the younger people that question.

  8. @tonyacole u do know that i-shit-hara is a dumb ass right and read up on that some more bro he took that startment back

  9. Maybe God was offended by a recent anime series that was released?

    "That's not how you do a natural disaster…THIS is how you do a natural disaster!"

  10. @Knowyourroots1 dude let me tell you my logic.
    there are strict patterns everywhere in the world – dna cells, trees, bird flying routes, snowflakes etc
    and there is nothing random or unused. like we dont have random or unused body parts right?
    so i believe that everything is related, everything is a cause or effect of previous cause
    so NOTHING in the world happends randomly
    so thats why i believe its a sign from nature-not a bearded skygod
    if we cant see that patterns doesnt mean they dont exist

  11. 38% of Americans are f***ing idiots!
    Why is it that Americans give up their use of reason and believe such nonsense?
    Even the Catholic Church and Islam identify reason as the highest gift given to humanity.
    Yet 38% of Americans throw away this gift in favor of superstition.

  12. God is allowing it to happen, we are in the end times, there will be many earthquakes, there is a 400% more earthquakes now over 10 years ago
    There will be many disasters comming, What happened in Japan will be nothing compared to when it happens in california
    Davey knows little about the Bible, he has much to learn

  13. it can be
    dont laugh
    did you know what the japanese army did in ww2 in nanking china in one day only
    they murdered 30,000 china civilians in one day
    beheaded / bayoneted babies / raped girls as youmng as ten / shot / buried alive / burnt alive /disemboweled / etc………………….
    please look up on you tube – the nanking massacre
    see for yourself
    and japan never or the emporer apologized to any country for her crimes
    germany did apologize for the crimes of the nazis as acountry

  14. i do feel very very sorry for japan
    i did send money to them
    but i wonder if karma or GOD is coming into play here for her crimes past
    she did not apologize to china or any country she invaded
    this is only one example

  15. did you ever wonder why china or the philliphines are remaining very quiet here
    also the UK
    the US had its days of revenge already hiroshima and nagasaki

  16. God is all powerful! Divine retribution(Judgement or Chatisement) was and is always one of the acts of God which is allowed for excessive sinful lifestyles, unfaithfulness of Christian or refusing to believe in the one and only true God!!!

  17. I fall in 62% category. I don't believe it is a sign from God, it has more to do with man's evil devices, namely H.A.A.R.P.

  18. If God kills innocent people we must declare war on him. Fire about 200 nukes in the sky! Sorry Caligula hacks my computer for a second………..sorry.

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