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uh hem [clearing throat] I say uh hem you who. Here I am over here at the
lectern you remember that episode? The lectern
as opposed to the pulpit? over ther.. no, no, [panic voice Chuck] stay here least don’t make me run again. Anyway I’m here at the lectern today
because [deep voice Chuck] I am a liturgist Now what’s a liturgist, you ask. Beside
someone you’re standing at the lectern instead of the pulpit [“eh-di-di-di” panic Chuck] stay just stay here. ..and do they have to speak this way? [deep voice Chuck returns]
well we are about to find out on this episode of [deep voice returns] Chuck knows Church Wha.. What is over there I’m here I’m
right here!!
[super awesome cool fabulous intro music] Alright let’s see what the dictionary has to say
about all of this. All right here we are liturgist one who uses or advocates the use of liturgical forms.. or two a scholar in liturgics.. or three a
compiler of liturgy or liturgies. Enough for that doesn’t always help to use a dictionary when
it comes to how things translate to us church folk. Right? Now it may be simple
enough to say that a liturgist is someone who helps with the liturgy That’s fine, if you know what liturgy means. So let’s start there.. um Liturgy comes from the Greek word leitourgia which could be translated to mean
worship. Also I’m pretty sure leitourgia is a European sports car for possibly a tween pop star or both?… you know tween pop star that does 120 on the Autobahn? Something like that?.. Sorry, uh, uh.. It refers to the regular public worship
according to the specific traditions of a religious group. Which comes
out literally meaning the work for the people. So if liturgy is the work of the people, what is a
liturgist? A worker of the work of the people… okay. Or or maybe a worker who helps the
people do their work. In this case worship even more simply a liturgist is just a fancy
name for worship leader. Why don’t we just say that! [Chuck being mad at crew, if Chuck did get mad] to start with we need to fill all this?
Is that with the.. we needed at least three minutes of oh.. It’s not
necessarily assisting the pastor as it is commonly thought as the pastor is
really the worship leader and everyone else is secondary. Remember it’s not the pastors worship
but rather the the people’s worship.
Now some worship leaders or liturgist leave music, others may
help lead prayers or calls to worship, or read scriptures you
get the idea. And he or she [deep voice Chuck returns]
may or may not speak like this. So with when you are called
upon to be the liturgist consider it an honor and a privilege to
participate to help lead the work of the people now if you’d like to learn more ask your pastor Tell them Chuck sent ya!

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  1. Jesus is the light of the world. Yep, he's just the Sun. Thats why he has, & in previous stories of him, have 12 disciples, 3 for each season of the year. Just look at the last supper, anyway, I'm tired, night.

  2. I'm looking for a new church. I'm considering a united methodist one, however I have a question about the services and liturgy. I went through high school and up until now as a high church Anglican, and I really appreciate their traditions. Considering that John Wesley himself was Anglican, do any United Methodist churches worship this way?

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