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Around the church you may be familiar
with the term laity or lay member. uh, meaning all the members of the church who
are not part of the clergy but what about lay ministers? what does that mean? are they laity the clergy are they somewhere in between. Play-ity? Lay-lurgy? Well that’s why we are talking about lay ministers
ministers on this episode of Chuck Knows Church [fun intro music] [pleasant guitar strum] Generally speaking a lay minister is
someone who is not ordain someone who is not ordain but who still holds a leadership role in ministry alongside the ordained clergy of Pastors, Priests, Deacons. Now in the United Methodist Church you
can become a certified lay minister. That would be a qualifying United
Methodist layperson called to congregational leadership as part of
the ministry team under the supervision of the clergy. Now the certification process includes
training, support, supervision and accountability while serving in the local church. Now if you’re looking teach a zumba class, that’s completely different kind of certification and honestly I’m not sure why you are watching this video in the first place. Now certified lay ministers more so than zumba instructors can be
a vital part of the mission and ministry of the church. Perhaps where there is a
small congregation without the budget for traditional pastoral staff. Now, since the status of certified lay minister is not a clergy position they do not have the authority to
baptize baptize & give communion. So, lay ministers would not assume title of pastor. You would not address him or her or me as reverend. Thank you.. To learn more at you can ask your ordained pastor or lay minister. Unless you want to teach zumba, which case you should just check out local community centers, maybe the part department I’m really not sure [shake].. In either case you can tell them that Chuck sent ya.

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  1. What about Licensed Local Pastors, Chuck? In the UMC we have a huge number of Licensed Local Pastors, who have limited sacramental authority, but are not ordained. (Somewhere between lay minister and Ordained elder)

  2. I agree … we serve a vital role in the church but it appears they did not consider this level of ministry in this video, hopefully they will in the future.

  3. Did not explain enough about Lay Ministers.
    Be ready at a moments notice
    Travel long distance in short time
    Schooling every three years.

  4. Well, the purpose of Chuck Knows Church is for children (confirmation) and new people to the church; I don't think he meant this to be something that a prospective Lay Minister would learn from (they should contact their DS) but rather, what a new member in the congregation or a confirmand may need to know about the differences in the types of leadership.

    I began my current appointment as a Lay Minister, currently an LLP, working towards ordination. Most folks are unaware of the difference!

  5. However I do wish he would have mentioned licensed local Pastors, as nearly half of our churches (in my Annual Conference anyway) are served in some capacity by Licensed Local Pastors. These individuals CAN serve communion and baptise (with some limitation), but it would not be appropriate to refer to them as 'Ordained', as they have NOT been ordained. LLP's can be both clergypersons serving and working towards Ordination (like me) or people who wish to stay as an LLP and not be ordained!

  6. Chuck, you've done it once again! Bravo my brother in Christ. Youth AS WELL AS lay people surely have benefited from your entertaining and educational videos; I know I certainly have! While the stigma of "purpose" likes to loom around all of whom choose to serve God, we should ALL keep in mind that the gifts The Lord chooses to give to every unique individual are for His glory, not for us to question. Chuck, you have led OUR lay members and our youth to "dig deeper" and ask those questions!

  7. I'm always grateful the the CKC series provides an introduction to a topic about which people in the pews may have wondered. I do not expect it to be a compete review of a topic. Lay Minister is a new option for leadership. I'm glad it got some air time. There may be other times and places to review the topic of Licensed Local Pastors. Thanks CKC for helping us prepare to ask and answer questions.

  8. I'd like to hear Chuck explain the meaning of ordination. From listening to this video, to be ordained means to be engaged in and fully committeed to full-time pastoral ministry and service to the Church. Many Local Pastors fit the definition and recognize that God's call up our hearts and lives to serve the church and the communities we have been appointed to serve is what it means to be ordained.

  9. This video is interesting in that some Ordained Pastors don't know about CLMs either, so following Chuck's advice at the end could get some strangely inaccurate answers. I just completed the CLM program and I must say, for "all the stuff we can't do" there is a SIGNIFICANT amount of things we can do. Funerals and to a lesser degree Weddings. LLP is another category to contend with. Leave it to UM to have so many categories of ministry. Jesus simply said "serve" and "Feed my sheep."

  10. I thought General Conference changed the term to "Lay Servant" or was that my Annual Conference…I can't remember.

  11. Tabitha Fleming: The term Lay Servant is a new designation that will include lay speakers and other lay ministries. In the 2008 BOD, you can read about Certified Lay Ministers in para. 271. They serve a small membership churches, some with and some without pay. All that aside, all Christians are called to lay ministry and should take advantages of our conferences' ministry training opportunities that we might better serve our local churches.

  12. Certified Lay Ministers in the UMC may give communion but may not concecrate the elements
    Blessings, Lori Koonce, CLM

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