#13 Develop Your UVP – 101 Ways to Attract More Visitors

– Hey Digital Communicators,
I’m John Falke from Johnny Flash Productions
and Amplified Impact, and this is 101 Ways to
Attract More Visitors, a practical guide for churches
to amplify their impact and reach their communities. Now let’s amp it up. Number 13, develop your UVP. Now Your UVP is your
unique value proposition and basically I’m asking what
makes your church unique? Now, it’s amazing when I do
branding sessions with churches, I’ll go in, I’ll meet
with the senior pastor or the leadership team and
I’ll ask them some questions so we can start to understand
who they are as a church, as we start developing
their brand and their logo. And when I ask them, “tell me three things “that makes your church unique?” Inevitably, almost every
pastor tells me some variation of these three things and
that is their preaching, the worship and how
friendly their people are. I kid you not. I will go into three different
churches in the same town, down the same street and I’ll say, “hey, what makes your church unique?” And they’ll say, “oh,
it’s the teaching here “that makes our church so
unique, it’s Bible focused “and people just love the teaching here. People love the music here
and the songs that we sing, “and the passion that we sing them with “and people always say how
friendly the people are here “and how welcome they feel.” And I’m sitting back thinking,
“Well, that’s what the church “right next door to you said,
and that’s what the church “a few miles away said,
and that’s what the church “across town said. “So what really makes your church unique?” And I think a lot of times
what they’re getting at is that they feel like that’s
what makes their church unique from other organizations
that are not churches. But I want to know, what
makes your church unique from other churches in town? If I’m interested in going to a church, why am I going to choose your
church over another church? And I know we’re all on the same team, so I’m not trying to make this
so competitive as it sounds, but you have to be able to
understand how your church stands out from other churches
and so when I’m asking these questions, I always have
to dig a little bit deeper beyond just the teaching and
the worship and the people being friendly and kind of say, “what is it about the teaching
or what is it about the music “that makes this church different?” So really dig deep and start
to understand what makes your church unique so
that you can communicate that more clearly when
you’re talking with people, when you’re sending out
communication on your website and on social media, because
more that you can communicate that and differentiate yourself,
the more that it’s going to help you stand out. If you think about churches
that are standing out right now, they’ve differentiated themselves, right? When you’ve got churches
like Elevation Church and North Point that are just doing things that are a little bit different. All the other churches
are basically trying to do what they’re doing and
it’s because they’ve done a good job differentiating
and communicating what they’re doing. In the next video, I’m going
to show you how to roll out the red carpet for first time visitors. Until then, amp it up. Make sure you subscribe
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